Getting Started Treating Babies

$199.00 USD

This online video course is perfect for anyone who would like to get started treating babies.

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Treating The Birth

$595.00 USD

If you know the birth then you know the baby. Upskilling in this area is crucial to be coming an expert with babies.

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Treating Babies Core Syllabus

$899.00 USD

The clinic video footage in this extensive course will fully prepare you for the wonderful life of treating babies.

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Communicating With Parents

$195.00 USD

How to talk to parents and what to say - this course deals with this key skill in building a pediatric pratice.

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"Just completed your online paeds course which was amazing. Thank-you so much -Can't wait for the next course!"

Dr. Justine Bonello,
Osteopath, Victoria, Australia

""I just wanted to say thank you for your work, for this resource that you are creating. I treated an infant today for the first time, and I could not have done it without you"

Anna Korisch,
MA, RCST, Connecticut, USA

"Thank you so much for the" treating babies" online course (the big one) . its absolutely perfect!!!"

Rinat Ben Yechezkel
Osteopath, Israel

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Fixing Flat & Uneven Head Shape in Babies

$90.00 USD

14 videos that will teach you the specific knowledge and skills needed for you to help baby with their head shap...

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Baby Stretching & Health Check Program

$90.00 USD

This course will show you how within the comfort of your own home you can follow a step by step protocol to chec...

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Treating Babies - Case Discussions

$195.00 USD

10 Case studies that explore different aspects of treating babies and discuss approaches that different practitioners...

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