Treating Babies - The Core Syllabus

Treating babies is some of the most rewarding work you will ever do. 

The impact you have on their lives is profound because you have the ability to change so much at a pivotal time in their development.


If you want to work with babies but have no idea how to start?


You treat babies but need to upgrade your skills, confidence or just get a different perspective.


Then this is the course for you!

This program is huge.

9 modules over 70 video lessons, + PDF downloads and Mindmaps. This program builds into a comprehensive reference library of knowledge.


You will learn: 

 - Comprehensive History taking (including pregnancy and birth).
 - Follow Up Visit Communication with parents.
 - Full Examination skills - including many specifics like latch and tongue tie.
 - Fast track Protocols for History taking and Treatment.
 - A Comprehensive library of Examination and Treatment techniques
 - Including when and how to treat supine, seated, side lying.
 - Specific Treatment Techniques for the major areas of the body, limbs,
    trunk, spine, neck, cranium.
 - How to handle, hold and settle baby.
 - How to ensure babies cope with the treatment well.
 - What to do if they don't!

There is even two Fast track anatomy modules for the cranium.

And much more . . .


" This course has been incredibly rewarding to undertake because it not only taught me to examine and treat babies successfully but facilitated an entire upgrade in the interaction of my thought processes, my treatment approach, and my delivery for patients of any age. The course is an incredible gift. There is nothing you could want out of professional development that is not here."

Dr. Bronwyn McHugh,
Osteopath, Australia

How does this  Training Program work?

It focuses on the practical aspects of handling, examining and treating babies, and it uses videos of babies being treated in clinic in order to show you exactly what to do and when. 

It's a very comprehensive course that you will come back to time and time again and will form the solid foundational core of your paediatric training.

It is structured so you can easily work through it from start to finish in your own pace as fast as slow as you like in the comfort of your own home or clinic.

It is segmented into many splinter videos so that you easily find and access a topic if you need to quick review prior to treating.

It's  suitable for a wide range of practitioners as it includes a wide range of techniques, and none of these techniques require specific pre course knowledge.If you are used to working 'hands on' with the body then you wll quickly pick up these techniques and examination protocols.

The techniques used  are clear and easy to follow but allow for adaptation.

Treating a human being is part art and part science.  As a result these technique videos are designed to allow you to follow exactly if you are a beginner practitioner but also designed to allow more experienced practitioners the opportunity to watch, practice, adapt and make these techniques their own.  


Commonly Asked Questions

How do I participate in the course? Does the course require any special equipment?

All that you need is internet access and a device of your choosing and  you’re all set.  The state of the art platform that we use at Kindred Academy works like netflix - it streams in real time so there is no need to download it. 

How long do I have access to the course?

One of the wonderful things about this course is that it is a self-paced home study program. You get to listen to each module at the time that works best for you. You have unlimited, lifetime access to all the content!

Is there a certificate of completion?

We have been asked by lots of our previous students for a certificate of completion we will provide you with one at the completion of the program.  Because we can track how you're going with the course material we can see when you have completed the program. So your certificate will have actual real value as you won't be able to get a certificate just by purchasing the course, you get it by completing the course which is very important as the requirement for reputable quality qualifications grows.

Can I claim CPD hours?

There have been many practitioners from a variety of countries claim this course for CPD. Different countries do have differing requirements but no practitioner from any of our students 16 countries (including UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA) has had a problem with claiming this program for CPD. 

A Video Walkthrough of the Course

Even though we have a 30 day money back guarantee it's still important to know whether this course is for you, here's a 10 minute video that will help you decide


This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.


What Kindred Students are saying about this course

"''This is an amazing course! It is such a comprehensive approach to pediatric history taking, assessment, treatment and management. I love the mind maps, the real life examples from real patients and the downloadable templates. This course has given me the framework to feel more confident and equipped to treat babies and children. I am very grateful to Jonathan for sharing his wisdom and experience in such clear, organised, easy to understand way.'' "

Dr Samantha Hamilton
Osteopath Bangalow, Australia.

""I just wanted to say thank you for your work, for this resource that you are creating. I treated an infant today for the first time, and I could not have done it without you and everything you have shared. Thank you for saying that my hands would know and the rest would catch up. It was a beautiful, still moment, and I am very grateful fo"

Anna Korisch
MA, RCST, Conneticut, USA

""The How to treat babies series was fantastic. It was so reassuring to see someone treating in the same style that I've intuitively developed but also to give some great tips and new perspective on things. Your delivery and dialogue are so encouraging and thoughtful.""

Osteopath, New Zealand

""I wanted to say thank you for collaborating such a wonderful course on infants. As a osteopath with a passion for newborns I absolutely loved the course and found it a great tool""

Dr. Alexandra D'Agostin
Osteopath, Melbourne

""Just completed your online paeds course which was amazing. Thank-you so much -Can't wait for the next course!""

Dr. Justine Bonello
Osteopath, Victoria, Australia

""I hope you are well. I'm treating as many kids as I can get my hands on at the moment! Thanks again for a wonderful course.""

Dr. Ashleigh Magarry
Osteopath, brisbane, Australia

""loving your course on the treatment of babies""

Dr. Roydon Mcha
Osteopath, New Zealand

""Thanks for the great course you put on and sharing your wisdom. I have to say it really tied a lot of things together for me, and has already made a massive difference on my treatments of babies and children (and adults too). One key way has been in terms of how I interact with the babies/kids, being mindful of their responses, and keeping them settled by picking them up, shifting them around, or giving them a toy and even just talking to them and communicating with them what we are going to do, I really do think they get the intent behind the words and this settles them a bit more.""

Dr. Andre Kleinbaum
Osteopath, Brunswick Heads, Australia

""I am thoroughly enjoying this course. I have often felt that treating babies would be daunting, but I have been given a new confidence as this course has taught me achievable steps to treat babies in a safe but effective way. The mind maps have been a great tool to refer to when going through the motions. Also being able to learn these skills from home or in clinic has been great, with a young family travelling to courses just isn't an option for me, both time wise but also the cost of travel and being away from clinic""

Dr. John-Paul Lo Guidice
Osteopath, Murwillumbah, Australia

"Dr Kimberley Coad Osteopath This course is great. It's perfectly done in bite size pieces so you can spend as little or as much time as you want on it. Very relevant and enjoyable. Thanks."

Dr Kimberley Coad
Osteopath, Adelaide, Australia

"“I have to thank you so much for developing this course - I was hitting a point of frustration in my practice where things just felt stagnant and same same, this has changed everything. I already treated babies but this just takes it the next level. Its great to watch it, practice it, then watch it again, get the "aha" moment then practice again. Already can feel so much more! Thanks""

Dr Lyndal Sharples
Osteopath, , Gold Coast, Australia

""This course is brilliant. It is the most accessible, the most complete and the most usable course that I have ever done. It was incredibly rewarding to undertake because it not only taught me to examine and treat babies successfully but facilitated an entire upgrade in the interaction of my thought processes, my treatment approach, and my delivery for patients of any age. Best of all it improved the experience I have of myself as a practitioner because it enabled me to transform the vast clinical knowledge into actual organic practice. And it did this with ease! In a world where clinical integrity and competence is of utmost importance, so much of our education and its inevitable linear approach strips our patients and ourselves of the ‘holistic’ philosophy and relevant healing experiences that I believe we are all essentially looking for. Jonathan has managed to create a learning tool whereby this gap has been bridged. The course is an incredible gift. There is nothing you could want out of professional development that is not here"."

Dr. Bronwyn McHugh
Osteopath, Australia

"thank you so much for the" treating babies" online course (the big one) . its absolutely perfect!!!"

Rinat Ben Yechezkel
Osteopath, Israel

The students who have already completed this program have given us great feedback and so it makes it easy for us to give a 30 day guarantee.

We have created this course from our hearts, it draws on years of experience in practice as well as in teaching and mentoring students and that's why we believe you will love it, but if having purchased this course you feel that it wasn't right for you then simply email us at [email protected]  within 30 days of purchase and we will simply refund your money.


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