Treating Babies - 10 Tutorials

Like to sit in on my clinic tutorials? This course is 10 tutorials that I filmed where I mentor the osteopaths in my clinic through the cases that they brought to me because they were having difficulties getting the results they wanted with those babies.
I believe this course will be of great use to you because in each tutorial you will
1. Learn about that condition/problem.
2. Learn ways to approach treating them
3. See what practitioners of a similar or slightly greater level of experience to you struggle with.
That third point is so key, because confidence or lack of will be a big part of what holds you back, and in these tutorials you will see other practitioners go through the same doubts that you have (or will have) and I definitely think you will benefit from how we plot a course through these cases.

The 10 Tutorials Are

"Extension Baby" 2 Months Old

Three Week old with Wind

Delayed Closure of Fontanelle     

Diastasis Recti

Crooked Latch

Talking Yourself into Trouble

Avoiding An Agenda

The Biting Baby

Treating Babies and Kids who really dislike hands on their heads.

Post Partum Mum with Mastitis

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