Learn a Safe and Gently Stretch Routine for Babies


A Step by Step Protocol to Check Baby's Body and Joints.

So that you can immediately start helping babies while quickly building your "hands on" treatment experience.

This course was initially designed for parents so they could help their own baby but then it became incredibly popular with CST and LMT practitioners as it was such a great way for them to get started treating babies. So if you are a bodyworker and are looking to help babies this is definitely the course for you.

Course Syllabus

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What Makes This Training Unique?

For over 15 years Dr. Evans (Osteopath) has been teaching the protocols in this program. But it was only in 2016 that he started filming his treatments of babies in his clinic, and it is this video footage of treatment that forms this course and gives you a unique insight into what actually happens when you work with and treat babies, so that you also can easily start helping babies.

Get Started Helping Babies Today 

It is very hard to access pediatric training as parents wont volunteer their babies to be practiced on at attendance courses. Think of it, would you volunteer your baby to be worked on at a beginners course!

And that's why all 7 of the Kindred Academy babies course have proved so popular and why over 750 practitioners have completed one or more of them. The courses are all based on 'real' video footage of babies being treated so that you can see exactly what you need to do with baby, what to do when it goes smoothly, what to do when it doesnt!

And this 'Stretch' course is the perfect easy, paint by numbers way to get started with babies. But as well as that you will if you progress with building a babies practice find you are still using the protocols in this course many years into the future as they are that effective when working with babies!

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"This course draws on years of experience treating babies and tutoring and mentoring students and that's why I believe you'll love it."

"But if you find the course isn't for you then anytime within the first 30 days of purchase simply email us and ask for a refund."

Dr. Jonathan Evans (Registered Osteopath)