Baby Stretching & Health Check Program

This course will show you how within the comfort of your own home you can follow a step by step protocol to check baby's body and joints.

It will also show you a  program that you can follow daily to safely and gently stretch baby out so that you can really optimise how baby's joint's and muscles are moving.

It's amazing what a simple five minutes of stretch repeated daily can do for the human body, especially at this young age when you are growing so quickly.

Because often baby gets a bit stuck because of what happens during birth and the last few weeks of pregnancy when they are inside mum. So to get in early and change this can be profound.

But often 'tightness' isn't  noticed because baby obviously isn't  moving around much, but it is important because it can influence a lot of what makes them happy. Including

The BIG SIX - Sleep, Flat Head, Latch, Colic, Reflux and Constipation.


So what's in this course:

23 videos and 2 Worksheets split into 4 Modules

"Wow you might say that sounds like a lot, and actually I'm way short of sleep !"

I hear you! In fact I have this conversation probably 10 times a day because I see so many babies and of course so many sleep deprived parents. It's why it's taken me so long to finish this course, because I had to go over these videos countless times in order to make them shorter, make them punchier so that I deliver all that you need in the minimum time possible and in a way that's easy to absorb.

And it takes a long time to teach something in a short time ! It's also why all the videos are short, all under 10 minutes and some only a couple of minutes, and it's why I use so much footage of the actual things you are going to do, seeing is the best way of learning this.


The Course Contents

Module 1 - 4 videos Including 

Specific Links Between Baby Problems & Physical Movement 

Why You Can Do these checks - Overcoming Doubts & Fears

Module 2 - Communication and Safety

3 Videos covering how to read baby's body language and movements in in order to make working with baby safe and enjoyable.

Module 3 - Baby Physical Checks

10 Videos including 7 Step by step video walkthroughs showing you exactly what to do for

Legs & Hips

Arms & Shoulders

Lower Trunk & Spine

Upper Back & Spine

Neck & The The Mouth

Module 4 - Baby Stretching program

6 Videos showing you the 5 sets of stretches that build on Module 3 and have made such a big difference in the life of the babies and parents that have been using this program over the past 5 years.