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Interested in Treating babies?

Then you've come to the right place.  Join the fastest growing education platform in manual pediatric health and see why in the last 5 years over 750 of your fellow practitioners have completed one or more of the Kindred 'Treating Babies' programs.

This work is richly rewarding, and not only is it an amazing feeling helping little babies, but it's also great fun!  

And that feeling never dies, as unlike treating adults you'll often find that you actually have much much more energy at the end of a treatment than at the start!

But their just simply aren't enough of us treating babies, and this is partly because until recently it's been expensive and difficult to access the right type of training. Training where you are shown step by step the hands on work that can be really effective with babies.


We work with patients because we're passionate about what we do, we really care about making a diiference.

But we also have a make a living, so struggling financially can often end up damping your fire and turning your passion into more of a job.

That's where babies are also so rewarding, parents really prioritise their babies and you'll often find that a parent who would never consider having treatment themself will happily book their baby in. It's human nature, baby is always number one, and that thankfullly makes our job much much easier.


"What I love is that I get to see babies treated in real time in a clinical environment"

Tracy Laval
Manual Osteopath and CST Practitioner, Calgary, Canada

"I just wanted to say thank you ... I treated an infant today for the first time, and I could not have done it without you and everything you have shared."

Anna Korisch
MA, RCST, Connecticut, USA

"Loving your course on the treatment of babies."

Roydon Mcha
Osteopath, Auckland, New Zealand

"I have often felt that treating babies would be daunting, but I have been given a new confidence as this course has taught me achievable steps to treat babies in a safe but effective way."

Dr. John-Paul Lo Guidice
Osteopath, Canungra, Australia

By taking this course today, you'll get the knowledge and confidence you need to start treating babies.

No specialist prior knowledge is needed and this course will work even if you have never held a baby before.

Having taught on a lot of attendance courses I know that they can be good! But they are  expensive and involve time away from clinic and family and lets be honest often by the time you are back in clinic you have forgotten half of what you have been shown. It's just simply a product of having to learn it all in a limited period of time. 

Additionally when it comes to treating babies, attendance course have a problem and that is you are seeing the technique and practising it on an adult not a baby!

This is an online course with video tutorials showing you step by step.

  • How to take the history at the initial and follow up visits.
  • How to work with baby to smoothly perform your examination.
  • How to perform the key priniciples of the majority of  'baby techniques' 
  • How to examine and treat the cranium.
  • How to know your limits, know when to refer and when and how to upkill further.

Course Syllabus

The use of clinic footage is a key component of this course as it provides highly effective learning outcomes. It allows us to get beyond the 'theory' of what is needed and gets you an insider view of critical 'baby' skills being used in clinic on real babies during real treatments.

Video 1 – Taking The Birth History
Video 2 – How to Make History Taking Easy
Video 3 – A Walkthrough of the History

1 - Examination of Baby
2 – The Examination Framework
3 – Examination of Baby's Cranium Part I
4 - Examination of Baby's Cranium Part II
5 – Experience, Skills & Safety

1 – Treatment – Challenge or Ease
2 – Finding The Ease
3 – Challenging The Tissues 
4 – Thorax & Shoulder Complex 
5 – Treating The Cranium
6 – What Treatment to Use & when

1 –Action Plan
2 – Referals And Red Flags
3 – Improving Your Skills

Our previous students have given us great feedback on this course, so we know it will deliver.

But often there's that little voice in the back of your mind saying "is this right for me" and that's why we give you a 30 day money back promise.

Don't feel the course was right for you, no problem just let us know and we'll refund you immediately with no questions asked.

Payment Options

Our payment systems are extremely secure. You can pay using Paypal or Stripe and your data is encrypted and highly protected in both. Stripe is less well know by the public than Paypal but is extremely secure and is used worldwide by over 100,000 businesses.


Price is in US Dollars

Includes Life time access.

On-going support through the Kindred FB group

30 Day Money Back Promise

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$55 x 4

Price is in US Dollars

Includes Life time access.

On-going support through the Kindred FB group

30 Day Money Back Promise

Checkout Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Forever! We launched our first online course in March 2016 and it still being rewatched by the original students. Online courses are here to stay and they will be the 1st choice of learning in the coming decades, so your kids can even follow in your foosteps and kick start their learning with this course!

Yes absolutely!  When you're finished all the tutorials in the course just email us and we provide you with a course certificate.

You can use this to claim continued professional development and continued education with most registration boards around the world.

Almost certainly as we have had students in 36 different countries complete our courses. Some of the more common countries that have used these courses for CPD, include Australia, Canada, USA, UK and New Zealand. We can also of course provide you with a CPD certificate and as our software tracks which videos you have watched we can even give you proof of this if you are asked to complete a CPD audit by your regulatory body.

As long as you have internet connectivity you can access the course, You login via the internet as the course is 'in the cloud' and as the software platform we use houses the videos in many different countries, you won't use huge amounts of bandwidth downloading the videos. It's like Netflix, the videos are 'streamed'.

Access is via any internet connected device, eg a pc, a mac, smartphone etc. All will work seamlessly as the course software is ‘responsive’ to the screen size and will adapt automatically.

Yes you can - there are 3 ways.

1) All videos have chat boxes where we can have interactive conversations about that video.

2) You can also email me if you wish to make a private comment (eg about a patient case that requires confidentiality)

3) There is a Kindred Academy FB Group where you can post questions, and where i will often reply with video answers (It's often a great way to answer if it's about a patient case).

Need a quick refresher before you treat your patient?

Easy! With our state of the art software platform, you have access 24/7, from any internet connected device, pc, mac, tablet, phone - all at your fingertips.

Watch whenever and where ever. And it's yours for life, so you can use the course as a reference library to come back to time and time again.

It can be lonely out there!

The old apprenticeship style is unfortunately gone and most people don't have regular access to a mentor. That's where Kindred comes in, whether it is interactive conversations on the course videos or  via the closed Kindred Facebook group or by email.

Jonathan is is alway happy to support you on your journey to helping patients and will often even  "video" reply to you about patient cases you are unsure about or struggling with.


Price is in US Dollars

Includes Life time access.

On-going support through the Kindred FB group

30 Day Money Back Promise

Checkout Page

$55 x 4

Price is in US Dollars

Includes Life time access.

On-going support through the Kindred FB group

30 Day Money Back Promise

Checkout Page

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