Treating The Birth

It's all about the birth - baby!

With babies there's usually one main reason why they come to you - the birth. Yes, they'll present with colic, reflux, constipation, flat head, sleep and feeding problems. 

But just like with your adult patients, the most effective treatment is when we get past the symptoms and address the cause. And in babies one of the best ways to do this is to help them resolve any birth trauma that they have.

And that is what this course will do for you.

It will take you from Point A, where you know little or nothing about treating Birth Trauma to Point B where you are confident to do a great job with baby regardless of how complicated or difficult that birth process was.

The "Four Tier" Framework

If your experienced with treating babies then this Framework will probably be the "Ah Ha!" moment that will really accelerate your effectiveness with babies.

If your completely new to babies and just want to get going then you are in luck! This is the framework that I wish I had been taught way back when I first started with babies.

Why? Because it's just such an effective way to approach babies, both in how effective it makes your treatment. But also in how it simplifies what you do with baby and in what order you need to do it.

Over 400 students have taken one of our 5 online  'baby courses'. The questions that these students have generated along with the ongoing mentorship that I do for the 3 osteopaths in our clinic has been the inspiration for this Framework.  

Why Practitioners Struggle With Babies

Like most people when I first started treating babies I struggled, it's new, it's scary and their's nowhere to hide! But I've been treating them for so long that I'd forgotten that.

That's why it' so good to teach. My student's problems become my problems and it forces me to analyse how and why I do things. That's how the Four Tier method developed.

What I saw with practitioners was a missing link, and that was a really deep understanding of how to treat birth trauma. 

But as I started to develop a course to teach this, it also led me to this framework.

A framework that will be of great benefit to experienced practitioners, but much to my surprise is also an incredibly effective way for a complete beginner with babies to quickly move from woah! to go. 

The Four Tiers of Treatment

 Tier 1 - Do this first and do this for all babies

Tier 2 - Do this next but what you do will depend on the birth.

Tier 3 - Baby Dependent, one of three approaches.

Tier 4 - Specific techniques for specific problems

This course will treat you Tiers 1, 2 and 3 (See course syllabus further down the page for details). And it will also teach you what to do if you have a Tier 4 problem. However, the beauty of this framework is that even with a problem that needs Tier 4, you must still do Tier's 1 - 3 first, because if you steam in with a specific Tier 4 technique then you will just upset baby, the right order is absolutely crucial in babies. 


Additionally if you do Tiers One to Three then in a huge amount of babies the need for Tier 4 techniques just resolves, Babies have incredible healing abilities, Tiers One to Three teach you to tap into this.

 Of course knowing Tier 4 techniques is great and you may already have skills in this Tier either from your experience with Adults or with prior experience with babies. So you can just bolt those techniques onto this course.

The thing with Tier 4 is you could describe is as everything else! There are hundreds if not thousands of techniques in this Tier, so yes learn them as well but do Tiers 1 - 3 first and of course be selective in Tier 4 as it will take you many years to cover all areas of that Tier.

"Thank you so much for the" treating babies" online course (the big one) . its absolutely perfect!!!"

Rinat Ben Yechezkel
Osteopath, New Zealand

"Just completed your online paeds course which was amazing. Thank-you so much -Can't wait for the next course!"

Dr. Justine Bonello
Osteopath, Victoria, Australia

"loving your course on the treatment of babies"

Dr. Roydon Mcha
Osteopath, New Zealand

The Format of This Course

  • This is an online course with 5 modules containing 31 videos tutorials.
  • The videos will teach you how to treat baby and birth.
  • It does this using clinic footage of baby's treatments
  • And breakout videos explaining these techniques.

The Course Syllabus

Module One - The "Normal" Birth Process

  • The Structural and Energetic Forces in Birth
  • The "Normal" Delivery Process
  • The Forces on the Neck and Head During Birth
  • Demystifying The Birth Process
  • Difficulties During The "Normal" Birth    


Module Two - When Birth Gets Complicated

  • Malposition During Birth
  • Malpresentation During Birth
  • Hospital Births
  • Ventouse or Vacuum Extraction
  • Forceps Delivery
  • Caesaran Section I
  • Caesaran Section II


Module 3 - Treating The Birth - Tier One

  • Treatment Technique Framework
  • First Contact
  • First Contact Part II
  • The 5 Step Handshake
  • Treating Midline
  • Shock Release I
  • Shock Release II  
  • Treating The Cranium


Treatment Techniques - Tier 2 and 3

  • Specific Treatment Overview
  • Unwinding Techniques
  • Suspension Unwinds
  • The Inverted Unwind
  • Treating The Umbilical & Bonding
  • First Breath
  • First Breath II    
  • Slow Hold Release Techniques
  • Challenging The Barrier


Treatment - Bringing It All Together

  • When and How to Use Tiers One to Four
  • Tier 4 Problems


New to Online Courses

Never done an online technique course before, unsure whether it will deliver for you?

This is the 13th course that we have released and we now have over 1100 students spread over 42 countries that have taken one or more of those courses, in fact some have purchased all them.

So we know from those students that they love this online format and it really does deliver for them, so it should for you as well.

But just in case you still have doubts, you can check the testimonials page and of course we also have a 30 day money back promise.

First Breath, Shock, Midline,  and Inversion Techniques, these are just a few of the techniques that you will learn on this course.

But more that that you will also be learning a framework that will clarify your work with babies and will serve you for many years to come. 

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This course draws on years of experience in practice as well as in teaching & mentoring students and that's why it works so well.

But if having purchased this course you feel that it wasn't right for you then within 30 days of purchase simply email me at

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and I will refund your money. 

We have an established clinic and an established teaching academy, their reputation is of the utmost importance to us and their success is based on your word of mouth referral and so your statisfaction as a customer is our number one priority.

Here's a small selection of comments from students who have taken our other 'Baby' Courses.

"I just wanted to say thank you for your work, for this resource that you are creating. I treated an infant today for the first time, and I could not have done it without you and everything you have shared. Thank you for saying that my hands would know and the rest would catch up. It was a beautiful, still moment, and I am very grateful for the confidence and the knowledge you imparted.""

Anna Korisch
MA, RCST, Connecticut, US

"โ€œI have to thank you so much for developing this course - I was hitting a point of frustration in my practice where things just felt stagnant and same same, this has changed everything. I already treated babies but this just takes it the next level. Its great to watch it, practice it, then watch it again, get the "aha" moment then practice again. Already can feel so much more! Thanks""

Lyndal Sharples
Osteopath, Australia

"I have purchased several of Jonathan's video courses. He is an excellent teacher and has a very common sense and gentle way of teaching and working. He is a credit to the Osteopathy community and I hope he continues his mentoring for many years to come."

Rosalie May-Somerville
Osteopath, New Zealand

"Jonathan is a fantastic teacher. He teaches in a simple and intuitive way thatโ€™s easy to follow and understand. He has a way of making seemingly complicated principles easy to follow and shows you ways to implement it in clinic by trusting what you feel without being overly robotic or formulaic. He helps you gain an understanding of having a good flow in treatment."

Jaimy Chua
Manual Osteopath, Ontario, Canada

"Jonathan is an amazing teacher, i have learnt and developed in my career so much thanks to the mentor-ship program and are already looking forward to doing the other courses provided with kindred academy. If you are looking to further develop your all round skills as an Osteopath, then i would 200% recommend the kindred academy courses. Alan J"

Alan Johnson
Osteopath, UK

"I'm indebted to these courses. I purchased the treating babies and mentorship courses and find these courses so beneficial personally and professionally. They have really changed the way i approach my patients but have also solidified the way i feel on certain treatment protocols of particular conditions. Jonathan's videos are a breath of fresh air, i really enjoy the wealth of knowledge he provides and am happy to recommend these courses to anyone who is considering them. "

Zoe Merkazy
Osteopath, Israel

"I'm treating as many kids as I can get my hands on at the moment! Thanks again for a wonderful course.""

Dr. Ashleigh Magarry
Osteopath, Australia

"Jonathan is an amazing teacher. Many of my students have taken his courses and they just love him!"

Shahin Pourgol
Osteopath, Canada

"What I value most about the Treating Babies program is the guidance and structure it gave me to just get started! I have been treating adults for a number of years, but I knew handling babies was a bit different and I knew I needed more training. Before I discovered this program, I had been reading as much as I could, learning little tidbits from experienced practitioners whenever the opportunity arose, practicing with my infant grandchildren, but there were still a lot of gaps in my knowledge. I didn't have confidence that I was really ready to help babies effectively in my practice. This program changed that immediately. Every lesson was so practical and immediately useful. I was taught a comprehensive set of skills and a way to structure my sessions to be sure I wasn't leaving out anything important. I also love that I can go back and review the lessons anytime I need to refresh. I have already begun seeing babies regularly in my practice. I now feel confident that I have a solid foundation that I can continue to build upon as I gain more experience."

Tammy Mundy
CST Practitioner, Virginia, USA

"Jonathan's natural talent and passion for teaching is infectious these courses have really given me the courage and the confidence to to develop my own skill set in this field. These courses have a beautiful way of allowing you to explore the concepts presented, but in a way that is very relevant to your own particular way of treating and practicing. Thanks Jonathan for shining a light on my own Osteopathic journey with the guidance of your years of experience, exploration and insight."

Dr. Rebecca Marks
Osteopath, New Zealand

"I followed the online baby course. I did some other baby courses in the past this course gave me a lot of new information and different approach techniques. Hope you will maken more courses for Osteopaths to view!"

Anne Westerhoven-den Ouden
Osteopath, Qatar

Got Questions?

Q. How long will I have access to the course?

Forever! We launched our first online course in March 2016 and it still being rewatched by the original students. Online courses are here to stay and they will be the 1st choice of learning in the coming decades, so your kids can even follow in your foosteps and kick start their learning with this course!

Q Is there a course certification?

Yes, and it is worth something, not just a tick in the box as our software tracks which videos you watch so that we all know that if someone has a certification of completion from Kindred academy they have actually done the learning not just bought the course.

Q. Does the course count towards my CPD?

Almost certainly, we have had students from 13 different countries use our courses for their CPD, including Australia, Canada, the UK and New Zealand. We will provide you with a CPD certificate as well as your course certification

Q. Where can I access the course?

As long as you have internet connectivity you can access the course, as the course is housed on line it can be watched on a pc, a mac, iphones or android smartphone or on ipads and tablets. All will work seamlessly as the course software is ‘responsive’ to the screen size and will adapt automatically.

Q. Can I get support on what I am learning?

Yes you can in 3 ways, all videos have chat boxes where we can have interactive conversations about that video, but you can also email me if you wish to make a private comment (eg about a patient case that requires confidentiality) and additionally we have a Facebook support group.

Q. Do you have a Facebook support group?

We have a very active FB closed group which you can request to join, details inside the course, I your answer questions  there by video as I talk and teach much better and faster than I type

If there’s any other questions please just email me [email protected] or post your question on the Kindred Academy FB Page.

Pay by credit card or via Paypal - and you have a 30 day money back promise


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