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Technique & Treatment

Each Tutorial in this Mentorship consists of 2 - 4 videos that focus on a specific aspect of hands on technique so you can can quickly improve your Osteopathic Treatment and get much better results with your patients.

After all that's what it's all about. Because You can have fancy marketing and all that other jazz, but that will only work if your product is good. In the end it always comes down to how good your product is, so invest in that and let your hands do your talking for you.

And as an Osteopath that has been treating for many years I really can't tell you enough how good it feels to just concentrate on your treatment with full confidence that what you are doing will make a real difference for your patient. And that is exactly what this mentorship has been designed to do for you.

The videos in this Mentorship are a mixture of deep dive into techniques and palpation and how to deal with specific complaints that you will see in clinic.

 The tutorials will show  techniques for:

Body Areas

e.g. neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, TMJ pain etc

Patient Presentations

e.g. treating acute back pain, disc injuries, rib pain, asthma, , pregnancy, chronic pain etc

Enhancing Mastery

e.g. advanced use of body postion, patient breathing, specific hand position etc

Palpation Mastery

e.g. the way we position our finger tips, the way we use the space between our plam and the patients body and the specfic honing of mental representation which recent research in high performance has shown to be the crucial difference between skill and true mastery 

Value your Time

You study on your time whenever and wherever you want.

Want a quick video technique refresher just before seeing a patient, no problem - done!

No need for major time out from clinic or family - just bite size  learning day by day.

Value your learning

With Video you never miss a thing as you can pause, rewind and rewatch.

Months later can't remember how to finesse that technique? No probs, it will still be up there for you to access.

Want  to discuss the technique  no problem just use the video dialogue option.

Value your Money

You're not paying for me to hire a venue or for travel to the course (yours or mine).

You don't need to take time off from clinic and you get to choose when you want to learn and where. Some learn best at home, some in clinic, some on the computer and some lying in bed watching on your phone. You choose!

So What Makes this a Mentorship?

  • You get regular tuition and ongoing advice so that you can get consistant improvement in your patient results.
  • The video footage is based on the mentorship tutorials that I give the associates of my clinic.
  • With each tutorial there is an opportunity for on going dialogue around the topic via the Q&A comment facility built into the mentorship software. 
  • You're  taught technique by an osteopath with 20 years experience of treatment who employs a wide range of techniques  and treatment styles.
  • But you also get to see those techniques performed by inexperienced osteopaths so you can see the corrections that will best help you fast track your technique skills.


Recently there have been huges advance in the science of high performance and that new theory underpins this mentorship so you will get an 'old school' deep dive into Osteopathic technique and palpation but within the framework of the latest in 21st Century high performance and teaching. 

Starting at only $19

No lock In, Cancel Anytime

There's absolutely no lock in. If you like the content that's great and if you don't you just cancel.  And to cancel is easy either email me at [email protected] or just use one the cancel option in your profile settings.

Please note that this is a subscription, a little like Netflix so that you you have access to the content whilst you are susbscribed, not after you cancel. However, once you have done the first 10 tutorials you will be able to keep them even if you unsubscribe. (The administration requiements behind this program means it is difficult to give people access to individual numbers of tutorials once they unsubscribe).

An Option For Every Style of Learner

The first cohort of 100 students who went through this mentorship only had the option of one tutiorial a week. Some loved that pace but others felt it was too fast for them so that's when we split the mentoship into the 3 speeds of learning that you see below



  • Monthly Video Tutorials
  • Q&A Dialogue on Every Video
  • Closed Facebook Group Support
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  • Fortnightly Video Tutorials
  • Q&A Dialogue on Every Video
  • Closed Facebook Group Support
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  • Weekly Video Tutorials
  • Q&A Dialogue on Every Video
  • Closed Facebook Group Support
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Prices are in US $'s - we have students in 41countries so it's not possible to give pricing in all those local currencies, hence the use of one currency, and the US$ is most familiar one worldwide hence why that is used.