Osteopathy Case Study - Persistant low back pain

treating adults Aug 02, 2020

Osteopathy treatment techniques are an essential part of treating low backs, but what happens if we are applying good technique but the patient isn't responding?

This Case Study is an example of that where a 35-year-old with persistent low back pain isn't responding to treatment even though the Osteopathic techniques used on the low back are ones that are normally very successful for the Osteopath. 

As we will see as we explore this case it was a previous injury to a completely different part of the body that needed addressing first and once that was resolved then the back started to respond well and respond quickly to treatment.

It's a good example of osteopathic treatment in action, and also a good example that even though we all know these osteopathic principles when we are in the midst of working with a patient it's not so easy to still apply those principles.

There is often so much going for patients that the amount of information that needs to be gathered and sifted by the Osteopath can be overwhelming as so often one focuses on the area of complaint and the adjacent areas.

That's why a case like this is so useful as it allows us to start seeing patterns of presentation that will short cut our ability to diagnose correctly and to make a difference in those harder to fix cases and more persistent pain presentations