Osteopathy - Improving Your Results With Patients That aren't responding to treatment

treating adults Jul 15, 2020

In the end it's all about getting the patient better, so what happens if our treatment doesn't do that and they don't improve?

It's an area that isn't talked when we train to become and Osteopath as the focus is much more on osteopathic technique, but once we get into an actual osteopathic practice and patients are paying for treatment, then you need to be getting those patients better!

This video teaches you the most important aspects when dealing with this problem so that you can quickly implement these changes and improve your retention rate with patients and just as importantly ensure that those trickier patients stop tormenting you!

Remember it's very hard to keep improving your osteopathic treatment if your patients aren't coming back! And one of the best ways to get patients to come back is to get results with them.

That's not so hard with your easy patients, but its also about handling and dealing with tricky patients, because when they get better they'll tell absolutely everyone about you - "you should see this osteopath for treatment, they're amazing, no one else could fix me and this osteopath .... etc. etc."

 Plus those tricky patients are emotional draining if you don't handle them properly then you end up getting stressed and often also drained by them and then you can end up not even being able to give a good osteopathic treatment to your easy patients!