Treating Babies - Fetal Positioning

treating babies Feb 08, 2021
pediatric osteopathy treatibg babies fetal position

The treatment of birth trauma is very common but often an underlying deeper pattern for baby can be from the fetal position.

In this video Dr. Evans teaches the two ways that we can utilise the fetal positon when we are treating babies.

1. Putting baby into their fetal position to ensure that the treatment that we want to use is better accepted. For example if you wish to work with gentle craniosacral techniques on baby then it is helpful if baby doesn't move their head, so putting baby at ease via the fetal position will make it far easier to use your craniosacral skills as baby will relax and move less.

2. Changing the fetal position so that the nervous system can learn and adapt so the baby can start to move in a more balanced way. This is one of the keys to Osteopathy for babies. Regardless of whether you are Cranial Osteopath working with babies or you have no cranial skills, the key with Osteopathy for babies is to work to remove the blocks that are preventing baby's health and potency from fully expressing. One of these blocks is often fetal patterning as that can have a strong influence on the baby's nervous system.