How To Treat Babies Video Course

65+ videos, Full Syllabus covering Treatment, Examination & History

Based on Video footage taken of the treatment of babies in an osteopathic children's clinic

Examination Protocols, Treatment Techniques all with actual footage and with additional voiceover walk throughs


This course is for you if

You have never ever treated a baby but want to

You've started treating babies but need more training

You treat babies but need to upskill and learn new approaches

A small sample of what the course offers includes

  • Comprehensive History taking (including pregnancy and birth)
  • Follow Up Visit Communication with parents
  • Full Examination skills - including many specifics like latch and tongue tie
  • Fast track Beginner Protocols for History taking and Treatment
  • A Comprehensive library of Examination and Treatment techniques
  • Including when and how to treat supine, seated, side lying 
  • Specific Treatment Techniques for the major areas of the body, limbs, trunk, spine, neck, cranium
  • How to handle & hold baby
  • How to ensure babies cope with the treatment well
  • What to do if they don't
  • Two Fast track anatomy modules for the cranium
  • amd much much more ...

In total the course has nine modules and over 60 videos all broken down into seperate topics to enable easy learning and a quick method of reference so that the course is a video library that you can access time and time again over the coming years.

It focuses on the practical aspects of handling, examining and treating babies, and it uses videos to show you exactly what to do and when. 

It's a very comprehensive course that you will come back to time and time again and will form the solid foundational core of your paediatric training.

It is structured so you can easily work through it from start to finish in your own pace as fast as slow as you like in the comfort of your own home or clinic.

It is segmented into many splinter videos so that you easily find and access a topic if you need to quickly review prior to treating 

It suitable for a very wide range of practitioners as it includes a wide range of techniques, and none of these techniques require specific pre course knowledge. If you are used to working 'hands on' with the body then you wll quickly pick up these technique and examination protocols.

The techniques are clear and easy to follow but allow for adaptaation. Treating a human being is part art part science, and with babies this is even more so. As a result these technique videos are designed to allow you to follow exactly if you are a beginner practitioner but also designed to allow more experienced practitioners the opportunity to watch, practice, adapt and make these techniques their own.  

Treatment of the Cranium. This course will teach you how to examine and treat the whole body including the cranium. To be specific there are 20 videos that cover the cranium and mouth. However this course will not teach you 'cranial osteopathy' or cranio-sacral therapy - see next paragraph.

'Cranial' Techniques  Part I this is not a cranial osteopathic or cranio-sacral course. This is a deliberate choice, to learn these skills would require a seperate course or courses. Additionally it is best to learn these skills for adult patients first.

'Cranial' Techniques Part II .What if you have 'cranial' skills and want to use them to treat babies. Then excellent, as these skills work very well for babies. This course will give you a way of effectively using this existing skill set with babies. It will give you the ability to adapt hand holds,fulcrums, babies position, length of treatment and knowledge of what areas to focus and in what order. But it will also mean that you will have a head start on all of the techniques taught on this course, because although they are not 'cranial' techniques, they are techniques that 'cranial' and CST practitioners will resonate with very strongly.

'Cranial' Techniques Part III What if you have no 'cranial' skills or don't even know what 'cranial' or CST treatment is. That's fine, if you have skills from working 'hands on' with adult patients or if you don't have these skills but are used to handling babies (eg Midwives or Doulas) then this course will give you all you need to get going and safely and effectively help treat babies. You may find that you then want to add to your skill set and learn 'cranial or CST, or you may not. Remember in the end for each of us there is only 'one way', and that's embracing what is best suited to our own development as a human being, so it's a case of finding what works for you, what you love doing and use that as your guide.

It uses the best available video hosting technology- so that you can access the course from any internet ready device, with worldwide, 24/7 access availaibility.


As with all our major courses, there's a money back promise, if the course isn't of value to you drop me an email within the first 30 days to [email protected]' and I'll refund your money. 

The Course price is $899 USD.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several questions that commonly came up when we launched this course in Australia, they are listed below, any other queries please just drop me an email at [email protected] 


Question: How long do i get the course for? 

Answer. Unlimited access no expiry. The purpose behind this course is not just to teach you how to treat babies but also to form a video reference library for you to return to time and time again

Q. How long is the course? Answer. 63 videos and 5+ hours of footage

Q. Is it accessible worldwide Answer. Yes - you just need internet access.

Q. How do I access the course?
Answer. Via any internet device, pc, mac, ipad, smartphone etc using a Login and password - it streams the videos (like netflix, and you tube)

Q. How do I pay?
Answer?  Credit card


Q. will my credit card details be secure?

Answer. Yes. Your payment is through the Stripe payment system. It is considered to one one of the safest payment engines available. In fact we decided to use Stripe because it does not pass any credit card details to our website your information does not leave the Stripe servers and this makes the system far more secure


Q. Is the course any good?

We released this course in Australia on 20th July 2016, and as of 7th August as I write this 89 people have purchased this course and we've had excellent feedback. As the course is very comprehensive and we are only 2 weeks since launch most of our customers are only a module or two into the course - so currently I have limited the testimonials to those that have completed the course (see below)

Additionally I stand by the 30 day money back promise on this course, if it's not for you just drop me an email and I'll refund your money, no questions asked. Of all the video courses we have sold (300+) in the less than 3 months since we launched this venture we have only ever had one person ask for their money back, that was for our low back pain course. I would love to tell you why he asked for a refund, in fact I was really itching to ask him as it would have been great feedback - but the promise is no questions asked - so despite my curiosity I was obliged to hold to that promise!


Testimonials about this course

Love, love, love this course! 

What I love is that I get to see babies treated in real time in a clinical environment.  I get to see how Jonathan works with babies and communicates with their parents.  He then breaks the session down, piece by piece, to point out what he is doing and feeling.  He is masterful at communicating the relevant and most topical information you need for clinical application.

I'm a Craniosacral therapist and Birth Doula.  I've taken other peds courses through Upledger and Allison Hazelbaker (both fabulous).  This course filled in missing pieces for me and most importantly linked the material to clinical applications.  There is plenty of new material here that I can integrate into my CST sessionsTracy Laval, Toronto, Candada

"I think this course is wonderful. I've watched a lot of it already, and look forward to watching all of the videos and revisiting the ones I've already watched." Samara White, Seattle, USA, CST practitioner & licensed Acupuncturist.

"This course is brilliant. It is the most accessible, the most complete and the most usable course that I have ever done. It was incredibly rewarding to undertake because it not only taught me to examine and treat babies successfully but facilitated an entire upgrade in the interaction of my thought processes, my treatment approach, and my delivery for patients of any age.  Best of all it improved the experience I have of myself as a practitioner because it enabled me to transform the vast clinical knowledge into actual organic practice. And it did this with ease! In a world where clinical integrity and competence is of utmost importance, so much of our education and its inevitable linear approach strips our patients and ourselves of the ‘holistic’ philosophy and relevant healing experiences that I believe we are all essentially looking for.  Jonathan has managed to create a learning tool whereby this gap has been bridged. The course is an incredible gift. There is nothing you could want out of professional development that is not here".  Dr. Bronwyn McHugh, Osteopath, Cooma, Australia

''This is an amazing course! It is such a comprehensive approach to pediatric history taking, assessment, treatment and management. I love the mind maps, the real life examples from real patients and the downloadable templates. This course has given me the framework to feel more confident and equipped to treat babies and children. I am very grateful to Jonathan for sharing his wisdom and experience in such clear, organised, easy to understand way.'' Dr. Samantha Hamilton, Osteopath - Bangalow, Australia

“I have to thank you so much for developing this course - I was hitting a point of frustration in my practice where things just felt stagnant and same same, this has changed everything. I already treated babies but this just takes it the next level. Its great to watch it, practice it, then watch it again, get the "aha" moment then practice again. Already can feel so much more! Thanks" Dr Lyndal Sharples. - Osteopath, Gold Coast, Australia

"I am thoroughly enjoying this  course. I have often felt that treating babies would be daunting, but I have been given a new confidence as this course has taught me achievable steps to treat babies in a safe but effective way. The mind maps have been a great tool to refer to when going through the motions. Also being able to learn these skills from home or in clinic has been great, with a young family travelling to courses just isn't an option for me, both time wise but also the cost  of travel and being away from clinic" D John-Paul Lo Guidice. – Osteopath. Murwillumbah, Australia

"So glad that you finally have had time to step back from treatment and create this course. There's so few opportunities to learn this kind of work, so to actually have videos of babies being treated in clinic as a way of learning is awesome. Thank you again so much for teaching this material" Dr. Kimberley Lasham, Osteopath, Tweed Heads, Australia

"I have been fortunate enough to work with Jonathan for the last 4 years. His natural talent and passion for teaching is infectious and can be seen throughout this course and the use of videos allows you to move through the content at your own pace. They are fluid, dynamic and filled with practical applications. It is really suited to just a quick check in between patients or a more in-depth few hours of learning - loads of inspiration and learning tools.

Jonathan caters for a large array of learning styles and he also comes back to basics in a really pragmatic way. This course has really given me the courage and the confidence to move beyond my own fears and begin to develop my own skill set in this field.

These courses have a beautiful way of allowing you to explore the concepts presented, but in a way that is very relevant to your own particular way of treating and practicing.

Thanks Jonathan for shining a light on my own Osteopathic journey with the guidance of your years of experience, exploration and insight." Dr Rebecca Marks (Osteopath), Gold Coast, Australia 

The inspiration for this course came partly from the 'attendence - Treating Babies' course I ran in 2015, as feedback from that course was excellent and the attendees asked for more of the same

'Fantastic day, packed with useful clinical application. The use of practicals and videos kept my engagement the whole day, a very well structured course'. Dr Dan Trussler, Osteopath, UK

"Thanks for the great course you put on and sharing your wisdom.

I have to say it really tied a lot of things together for me, and has already made a massive difference on my treatments of babies and children (and adults too).
One key way has been in terms of how I interact with the babies/kids, being mindful of their responses, and keeping them settled by picking them up, shifting them around, or giving them a toy and even just talking to them and communicating with them what we are going to do, I really do think they get the intent behind the words and this settles them a bit more.

The only feedback in terms of criticism I can give you is that perhaps there was bit too much content in the course, either enough to fill 2 days (easily done, but carries other challenges), or maybe worth just trimming it a little bit more." Dr Andre Kleinbaum, Osteopath, Brusnwick Heads, Australia

"Jonathan's course was very practical. and he has an easygoing and informative way of teaching so I came away with very practical tools and the confidence to start treating babies.  I look forward to the next course!" Dr. Cynamon Thomas, Osteopath, Lismore, Australia

 "I hope you are well. I'm treating as many kids as I can get my hands on at the moment! Thanks again for a wonderful course."  Dr. Ashleigh Magarry, Osteopath, Brisbane

"I found this course extremely helpful. It was practical, well paced and Charlotte did an amazing job making us all feel welcome" You were very clear explaining the techniques and we had plenty of time to ask questions and get it right.
I am working on my own in Yamba and treat some babies, so I am keen to do any more paediatric days that you may be considering." Dr. Susan Foster, Osteopath, Yamba, Australia

and here's an email I got yesterday about the  Neck and TMJ course we ran last week, different course but same teaching approach

Hi Jonathan

I just wanted to say that I loved your neck and TMJ course! I always leave your courses feeling inspired with so many good things to try when I get back to clinic. I've already had a chance to practice my TMJ techniques. They're getting easier, but I still have to remember to be gentle!!

It's funny- I never feel like I've had an information overload from your courses, so I find that it is much easier to apply what I've learned when I get back to clinic.

It is so important to have experienced and passionate Osteopaths teach courses. We have to have time to explore the art of our practice, in a world that wants us to focus solely on the science.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.

Dr. Sara Dryburgh, Osteopath, Brisbane, Australia


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And here' some early facebook feedback on the course