Treating Acute Low Back Pain

This course will show you how to treat those acute low backs the ones that hobble in to your clinic, this is a super ...

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Treating the Shoulder

The shoulder can be a tricky area to treat and so it's vital that you can identify what is causing the shoulder probl...

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Treating the Ribs

Rib problems very often present silently with the patient's focus elsewhere. But they are often the exact problem tha...

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Treating the TMJ & Jaw

This is such a key area to treat not only for TMJ patients but for the huge influence this area has on neck pain and ...

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Treating The Knee

Knee examination, treatment and rehab is in this course as well a a program for post operation rehabilitation

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Treating The Pelvis

Every treatment I start with the pelvis.  It is the first place I start and the last place I finish.   

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LBP : History, Examination & Treatment

This course consists of 30+ videos on how to treat low back problems.  75% of the course is technique with ...

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The 9 Essentials for Growing Your Patient List

What you say, do and think when you are with your patients so that you can quickly build a robust patient list.

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7 Secrets to Great Technique

This is the technique behind the technique, the skills that will upgrade every single one of the techniques that you ...

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Mentorship Programs

$19.00 USD every month

Starting at only $19 these mentorship programs are designed to fast track your development in technique and palpation...

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