Ever struggled to treat a low back pain  patient?

I bet you have!

I certainly did and when I first graduated low backs were a source of huge  torment to me.

 I worked in a rural community, and it was farmer after farmer and they all had back issues!

"No Doc, I can't take it easy, I have 600 cow's to milk, fences to fix I am a farmer! Now just fix me up quick and get me back to the farm"

I'm not joking ever single one had a back problem and I struggled, boy did I struggle.

My first year in practice was pretty awful and every single work day I literally had to drag myself out of bed and force myself to go into clinic.

Finally Adios Tormentville

 6 months into my first year  I changed my approach,  I figured I might as well! I was being tortured by not feeling like I was making a difference so I might as well try something new.

There wasn't an instant change with the patients, no flash of light, no puff of smoke, no magic fingers.

But there was a change because  I started experimenting with what felt right when I put my hands on the patient. What could I feel in their system and what were my hands telling me?

The rest of that first year was still crap, but now it was crap with a purpose!

The "Cleardown Framework"

That year formed the ground work for the development of the "Cleardown Method" I have developed.

It then took 12 years of working with low back patients to fully develop it, and a further 2 years teaching it to osteopaths before it was ready for release as this training program.

"I completely changed the way I treated low backs after learning from Jonathan. I honestly always felt slight terror and sweat come on when those serious acute low back patients came in! Now I get excited as I know how much I can help them"

Dr Lyndal Sharples
Osteopath, Gold Coast, Australia

This Training Program - 14 years in the making!

 It is a program that will teach you my comprehensive tried and tested methodology for treating acute low backs including the unique "Cleardown Framewok"


I will teach you exactly the same strategies and techniques that I have used  successfully in thousands of treatments. 


I will  walk you through step by step so you can see exactly how this framework works  and how easy it is for you to apply this to your patients.


"Lower back pain will be the number one complaint of many clients who come to you for treatment - so get great at treating it"

What This Program Will Do For You

The course grew out of many years practical experience and you  get the benefit of all that experience in this program. 

Knowing what to do, how to do it  efficiently and effectively. That is the key to growing a large patient list and getting huge satisfaction out of your work and avoiding burn out.


" I love your videos because they're clear, easy to follow and understand, "

Silva Schuldt
Osteopath, Bedfordshire, UK

What you've been taught is good, but ...

What you've been taught about examining and treating back pain is good, so we certainly won't be throwing that out, but a large amount of it can't be used or has to greatly modified when a patient is in acute pain. Why?


Because high levels of pain mean you can't move your patient around.


So that's why this training is different as it will show you:


  • How to examine accurately with the minimum movement.
  • What the best positions are for treating acute pain.
  • How to transition patients into those positions.
  • How to get them off the bench!
  • How and when to do interim exams so you can gauge progress and adjust if needed.
  • What neurological testing is important for these patients  and what isn't
  • How to modify orthopaedic tests so they don't 'blow out' your patients pain levels
  • How to accurately perform all neurological testing on an acute pt in under 5 minutes
  • How to complete a Supine Cleardown Treatment
  • How to complete a Prone Cleardown Treatment
  • How to use the cleardown to create 'slack' so you can use your normal 'go to' techniques
  • How to use the cleardown to accurately diagnosis what you need to treat next


Yes treat them Prone, it's really effective when you know how!


A Clear Framework

 Most importantly this is all presented within a step by step Framework so that is easy for you to follow and really easy for you to replicate in clinic.

And it's a framework that can be adapted so that is never restricts you as a practitoner - in fact it is designed so that it will help you grow and develop your unique way of implementing this work.

What's the fastest way to build a busy patient list?

"Word of Mouth"

I have built three clinics from scratch off the back of these skills and the thousands of patients I saw were with zero advertising as they were all referred in by other patients.  

The Format of This Course


This is an online course with 6 modules and 30 videos. It's a course that focuses on fixing patients, so the majority of videos are on examination and treatment techniques. What to do and specficially how to do it. To teach this effectively there are videos shot in clinic and breakout close up techniques videos  showing exactly where and what you do with your hands..

Overlying all this is a specific framework that you will love as it prevents you ever getting lost, stuck or confused when you are treating - and I am truly confident that this will change the way you approach all your patients. 

For over 3 years our students have given us great feedback and so it makes it easy for us to give a 30 day guarantee.

This course draws on years of experience in practice as well as in teaching and mentoring students and that's why we believe you will love it.

But if having purchased this course and you feel that it wasn't right for you then within 30 days of purchase simply email us and we will refund your money. email: [email protected]  


Here's what our students are saying

" I love your videos because they're clear, easy to follow and understand, and they're giving me easy access to more CPD."

Silva Schuldt
Osteopath, UK

"I am very grateful to Jonathan for sharing his wisdom and experience in such clear, organised, easy to understand way.'"

Dr. Samantha Hamilton
Osteopath, Australia

"I just wanted to say that I loved your course! I always find your courses inspiring with so many good things to try when I get into clinic"

Dr. Sarah Dryburgh
Osteopath, Brisbane, Australia

"There's so few opportunities to learn this kind of work, so to actually have videos of patients being treated in clinic as a way of learning is awesome"

Dr. Kimberley Lasham, Australia
Osteopath, Tweed Heads, Australia

"Jonathan's natural talent and passion for teaching is infectious these courses have really given me the courage and the confidence to to develop my own skill set in this field. These courses have a beautiful way of allowing you to explore the concepts presented, but in a way that is very relevant to your own particular way of treating and practicing. Thanks Jonathan for shining a light on my own Osteopathic journey with the guidance of your years of experience, exploration and insight."

Dr. Rebecca Marks
Osteopath, New Zealand

"In a world where clinical integrity and competence is of utmost importance, so much of our education and its inevitable linear approach strips our patients and ourselves of the ‘holistic’ philosophy and relevant healing experiences that I believe we are all essentially looking for. Jonathan has managed to create a learning tool whereby this gap has been bridged. There is nothing you could want out of professional development that is not here"."

Dr. Bronwyn McHugh
Osteopath, Australia

"Being able to learn these skills from home or in clinic has been great, with a young family travelling to courses just isn't an option for me, both time wise but also the cost of travel and being away from clinic"

Dr. John-Paul Lo Guidice
Osteopath, Canungra, Australia

"I love being able to go over the information when needed, even as a reminder just before a treatment. Also such a great way to treat!"

Dr. Lyndal Sharples
Osteopath, Gold Coast, Australia

"Jonathon's courses are easy to follow, jam packed full of really useful information in an unpretentious way. His commitment to teaching and his willingness to communicate his knowledge is very much appreciated "

Dr Cynamon Thomas
Osteopath, Bangalow Australia.

"I have purchased several of Jonathan's video courses. He is an excellent teacher and has a very common sense and gentle way of teaching and working. He is a credit to the Osteopathy community and I hope he continues his mentoring for many years to come. "

Rosalie May-Sommerville
Osteoapth, New Zealand

"Classes are full of wonderful, easy to understand information, that makes a huge difference in your practice. Jonathan is a wonderful teacher, always helping his students and makes learning easy and fun"

Jennifer Marie
Osteopath ,Ontario, Canada

"Easy to navigate the clear and concise courses, exceptionally responsive to questions, love the generous online discussions and pop-up fb lives for integration."

Darcy Dee
CST, Colarado, USA

"Clear, concise and extremely helpful. This will bring your diagnosis and treatment skills to a whole new level"

Micheal Braun
Osteoapath, Israel

"Great content. Easy to understand. Love that I’m able to learn at a time that suits me! Thanks."

Dr Kimberley Coad
Osteopath, Adelaide, Australia

"'thanks, this was new and enlightening material and was very efficiently delivered. In a short time I was able to gain several different approaches to helping treating patients "

Kate Pascoe
Osteo Student, SCU, Australia

"Thank you for all your knowledge help and amazing content? "

Chaynade Knowles
Osteopath, Texas, USA

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Got Questions?

Q. How long will I have access to the course?

Forever! We launched our first online course in March 2016 and it still being rewatched by the original students. Online courses are here to stay and they will be the 1st choice of learning in the coming decades, so your kids can even follow in your foosteps and kick start their learning with this course!

Q Is there a course certification?

Yes, and it is worth something, not just a tick in the box as our software tracks which videos you watch so that we all know that if someone has a certification of completion from Kindred academy they have actually done the learning not just bought the course.

Q. Does the course count towards my CPD?

Almost certainly, we have had students from 13 different countries use our courses for their CPD, including Australia, Canada, the UK and New Zealand. We will provide you with a CPD certificate as well as your course certification

Q. Where can I access the course?

As long as you have internet connectivity you can access the course, as the course is housed on line it can be watched on a pc, a mac, iphones or android smartphone or on ipads and tablets. All will work seamlessly as the course software is ‘responsive’ to the screen size and will adapt automatically.

Q. Can I get support on what I am learning?

Yes you can in 3 ways, all videos have chat boxes where we can have interactive conversations about that video, but you can also email me if you wish to make a private comment (eg about a patient case that requires confidentiality) and additionally we have a Facebook support group.

Q. Do you have a Facebook support group?

We have a very active FB closed group which you can request to join, details inside the course, I your answer questions  there by video as I talk and teach much better and faster than I type

If there’s any other questions please just email me [email protected] or post your question on the Kindred Academy FB Page.


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+ Lifetime Access.
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  ~ Video answers to tricky cases.
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