Growing your List - The 9 Essentials

Would you like to see more patients?

 What about more variety in your list?

How about having more of those patients that make you pumped about going in to work every day?

This is exactly what happened in my osteopathic journey.

It progressed over time towards that 'perfect list'

Of course it wasn't a straight line to success.

There were plenty of hiccups, self doubts, fears and mistakes that made the journey that much harder and longer.

Then I got to do the journey again.

This time with the first associate I took on and then with the second and then again and again as I trained more and more  osteopaths over the years.

That's where this course came from.

I could see the same as essential problems that prevent us from getting the list we deserve.

A list that is full, robust and has the sort of patient's that we really want to treat, the ones that appreciate us and bring the best out of our talents.

The 9 Keys to a Pefect Patient List


What I found from my own journey and for every osteopath that I've mentored is that the same key mistakes  were draining the lifeblood from their list.

It's not rocket science its just  clear thinking to identify these problems, then consistency in implementing them.

This is not a marketing course

This is not about advertising, or writing to Doctors or drumming up clients in the local shopping centre.

These 9 essentials are what you actually need to do, say and think when you are with your patients.

So practical easy steps first.

That's Module One - 4 changes you can implement immediately to grow your list and keep it growing.

Then Deeper Change

Module 2 is about making it stick. Without this you will drop the ball after a few weeks and revert back to old ways and old mistakes. Why? Because as humans that's what we do!

Unless we have deeper change and deeper believe in what we are doing, a 'rewiring' if you like then change doesn't hold. We know this, look at diets and other changes our patients attempt, most fail.

Why? Because they are just 'doing' steps, and there's no deeper meaning to what they're doing.

Inner and Outer

Module 3 goes deeper still, and here we are looking at change that will serve you through your whole career. Yes initially it's about more patients but then when that's been achieved you will need to keep that full list.

And that can be where things go wrong as we can get bored with what we are doing. This can be through lack of variety or simply because we have grown so much we need new challenges.

So Module 3 will teach you how to avoid this, here we are looking a the top two inches, and in every human field that is always the key to mastery.

But this is not for robots!

I will walk you through step by step in this course  But this course will also allow you to do this in your own unique way. As osteopaths we are not robots and that's why I have seen 'scripts' and other 'do this' and 'do that' instructions fail so often.

Scripts fail for us because in health we are looking for a deep connection with our patients, and scripts undermine this because they sound hollow so even if were able to bring yourself to follow a script, you'll be like a bad actor in a B Movie, nobody buys it, not even yourself!

Instead this course is about rewiring. The field we are in is about helping people and often that means we aren't focused on ourselves and we can end up doing things that damage our progression, which of course then damage our abilities to help others.

So for your sake and your patient's sake that needs to change !

What our Students are saying

"Jonathan is an amazing teacher, I have learnt and developed in my career so much thanks to the mentor-ship program and are already looking forward to doing the other courses provided with kindred academy. If you are looking to further develop your all round skills as an Osteopath, then I would 200% recommend the kindred academy courses.
— Alan J - Osteopath UK.

The Course Framework

Find out exactly what's inside the course

1. Rebooking Patients in a way that works and that you are comfortable with.

2. New Patient to Lifelong customer - Ethically!

3. Closure - The Key to Organic Natural Referals

4. Treating more Conditions

1. Doing Saying Thinking - Part I

2. Doing Saying Thinking - Part II

3. Staying Wide

4. Old and Young

 1. Invest in Your Product

2. The Top Two inches

3. Accountability - The Key to Lasting Succes

For over 3 years our students have given us great feedback so it's  to give a 30 day happiness guarentee

We want you to be be happy with this course and get huge value from it.

But if foe any reason you are not 100% happy drop me an email at [email protected] and we will give you a full refund.  No complicated process, no hard feelings.

"I have purchased several of Jonathan's video courses. He is an excellent teacher and has a very common sense and gentle way of teaching and working. He is a credit to the Osteopathy community and I hope he continues his mentoring for many years to come."

-Rosalie S - Osteoapth New Zealand

Got Questions?

We have answers!

Forever! We launched our first online course in March 2016 and it still being rewatched by the original students. 

All videos have chat boxes where we can have interactive conversations about that lesson, but you can also email me if you want to make a private comment. We also have a closed Facebook group for Kindred students only.

Almost certainly, we have had students from 32 different countries use our courses for their CPD and continuing education and so far no one has been refused.

We will provide you with a CPD certificate as well as your course certification.

Payment Details

This course will pay you back over and over again as it helps you keep and build your list.




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- Support while you learn from Dr Jonathan Evans

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